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Pet Crystal Charm - crystal energy & angelic healing

Pet Crystal Charm

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Pet Crystal Charm

Is your pet having issues. If they are we can help them feel better.

Is you pet dealing with separation anxiety, stress, sadness, in pain due to illness or other problems if they are a crystal charm could really work wonders in helping your pet feel better.

We all love our pets and we want them to feel happy and healthy and now you have an easy holistic way of helping them feel their best.

Having a crystal on your pets collar keeps the crystal energy with them 24 hrs a day. This can really help for animals with chronic pain and could make a big difference in their quality of life.

To select the right crystal for your pet I will need a little information from you. You’ll need to send me an email explaining the specific issues your pet needs help with, your pets name, age, breed and photo. I will then focus on identifying the right crystal and energy to infuse into the selected crystal for your pet.

The crystal for your pet will be hand picked with love and care. The crystal will be cleared, energized and set with a special healing intention for the highest good of your pet and infused with Angelic and Reiki healing.