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I am a Certified:
 - Crystal Reader
 - Crystal Healer
 - Crystal Reiki Master
Have you ever wanted to attract more Joy, Happiness, Health & Luck into your life and the lives of your pets?  I can help you do just that.  Here you will find a natural way to attract more of these qualities.
Crystals have been used for hundreds of years around the world to help improve the lives of people and I have created the Nesters and crystal sets on this site with specific crystals that are known to vibrate at frequencies that attract Joy, Happiness, Heath & Luck.
All Crystals/Stones are hand picked, cleared and energized with unconditional love and intention. We use energies from Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, sage, sun and moonlight. We infuse Angelic and Reiki energies to sent the intent, increasing their natural abilities and adding loving healing energy for your highest and best good.
Note that Crystal sizes are different and each crystal can vary in range between .5” to 1.5”
Crystal Preparation: (2 day process)
  • Crystal are selected by hand for each order
  • Crystals are cleansed with Water, Sage, Sound & Intention
  • Crystals are cleared and energized with Sound energy from Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls & Drumming
  • Crystals are left out in the Sunlight & Moonlight to charge them with energy
  • Crystals are infused with Angelic and Reiki Energy
  • Crystals are programmed with love and intention for the highest good of the person receiving the crystals
  • The 2 Day Process will begin once your order confirmation email has been sent out.
Special Intention: (5 day process)
  • An extra intention can be set into the Crystals if selected
  • Extra intentions will take an additional 3 days of effort to program the crystals
  • Your intention must be sent by email. You can use the contact form or you can email me directly at info@crystalenergyangelichealing.com. Include your order number in your email. 
  • The 5 Day Process will being once your email is received and your order confirmation email has been sent out.

Metal Nesters comes in either Silver tone or Brass.

If requesting a nester send us an email to identify which color nester you prefer.

If requesting an intention to be set in your crystals send us an email identifying your intention.

Email us using the contact form on our site or by sending an email to info@crystalenergyangelichealing.com

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