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Create Sacred Space / Clear Negative Energy

Space Clearing - Distance only over Skype

I can help you to clear negative energies from a space and teach you the process so you are empowered to keep it clear.

I will work with you to create a sacred space thru prayers and smudging.

We will learn negative energy clearing and protection techniques using visualization, light, Crystals and intention.

I will use a combination of Reiki and Angelic energies to clear the space.

We will accomplish this thru love and intent.

This process will take 5 separate 30 - 40 minute sessions on different days to clear the space and to teach you how to complete this process on your own.

You will be asked to perform specific visualizations, placing of crystals  and setting intent.

8 Crystals are included and will be selected specifically for your situation. The crystals will be selected and sent to you once we talk thru your specific need.

Skype session days and times will be sent by email. 

Please use the Appointment Calendar link on the bottom of this page to schedule your appointment.  You can use the comment section of the scheduler to provide details on what you need help with.

You can also email me using the contact form or email me directly at info@crystalenergyangelichealing.com with the issue that you need help with.

Please include your order number in your email and allow 2 days for a reply.

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